February 5, 2013

False Beervertising

I love coming across a new Truth in Beervertising video from Breckenridge Brewery while I'm surfing on YouTube. I thought about this on Sunday while watching some of the ads created by American major brewers (you know who they are) and the fact that I wished to one day see one of these Breckenridge ads during a Super Bowl.

It's pretty much a given that the Super Bowl's portion of beer advertising is going to be Coors, Miller and/or Budweiser. One we traditionally see every year is the Budweiser Clydesdale campaign. If you miss that you usually see the new ad brandishing its new, but odd concoction.

The reality is that it's most likely not feasible for any craft brewer to pay the exorbitant sum that's required to advertise during the Super Bowl in today's day and age.

I've always looked at these Super Bowl beer ads to be very close to what the Pittsburgh Pirates do. The argument can be made that the Pirates, Budweiser, etc. have amazing marketing departments. Most in part because they provide viewers/consumers with a magnificent distraction from the actual product, which I don't particularly care for in either case. Budweiser has commercials that emotionally connect with many Americans. The Pirates have fireworks and pierogi races.

I'll admit the commercial was well done. That doesn't mean I'm cracking open a Budweiser any time soon. I'll still prefer a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter.

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