February 1, 2013

Beer Review: Atlantic Mount Desert Island Ginger

Serving Type: Bottle

ABV: 5.2 percent

Appearance: If there was ever a beer that resembled iced tea, Atlantic's Island Ginger would be it. The body's color was somewhere between an orange and an amber. I felt that saying it looked like tea was a fine compromise. The tea-colored body has a strong haze to it as well. The head of this brew is thin throughout most of the drink, even the initial pour. Carbonation also seems to be lacking.

Smell: If you had to guess one scent that's found in this beer it'd be ginger, right? That's exactly what I got. Aside from that, the only other thing my nose picked up is a sweet, wheat-like malt presence. That wasn't too strong, though.

Taste: On the front, I got plenty of the previously mentioned ginger. There was also a sweet, syrupy presence at the very same point on each sip of the brew. The wheat backbone just touched my tongue on the back, but I had to think twice to see if I really experienced it. Once again the wheat was kind of weak.

Overall Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This beer was highly recommended to me. If I could classify this beer in one word it would have to be "odd." I've never had a ginger beer before. So, that probably played against me in some facets of drinking this. One glaring hole in this beer is the lack of hop character. You hop heads out there know I'm not a proponent of very hoppy beers, but I do enjoy a decent hop presence in some styles. I would have enjoyed it in this beer.

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