January 31, 2013

Holy Pennsylvania, Batman!

I remember when my family used to spend summer vacations in Virginia Beach, Va. That first evening always marked a trip to the grocery store so that we could stock up for the week ahead. I always remember noticing that we also would stock up the drinking fridge as well. The best part was that what we bought for that fridge was all purchased at the same market in which we got the food. It baffled me because we couldn't ever do the same back home in Pennsylvania.

The course for change took a bigger step in the right direction yesterday afternoon when Gov. Tom Corbett announced his plan on liquor privatization throughout the commonwealth. I've found an article from WTAE for you to get all the details you need.

The only problem with this plan thus far is the fact Corbett wants to entirely shut down the state store. I'm not so sure that will fly with other government officials since that would leave a good number of state employees without jobs. Keep in mind that all of this still has to be passed and could change by the time it would.

One would think there has to be a middle ground on this issue at least for the time being. Make it convenient for those of us purchasing something to drink and still find a way for the state employees to keep their jobs. The most entertaining part of that article is the source that's quoted as saying that Pennsylvania's system is already so much better than the rest of the country. What planet does this guy live on?

The last I checked, monopolies were illegal and I believe that's what Pennsylvania has when it comes to liquor. I've never drawn a political line on this blog and I'm not trying do it here either. I just think it makes sense to enable consumers to have more of a choice when it comes to what they buy.

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