May 30, 2012

All Roads Lead to Gettysburg

Tomorrow marks yet another one of my annual trips to Gettysburg National Military Park. Being the history buff that I am, I know that the saying "all roads lead to Gettysburg" held true on those three epic days in 1863. As easy as it was to fully concentrate an army in that day and age, it also appears that the town is also an excellent convergence point of fine beer and food.

McPherson barn along McPherson Ridge on the first day's field.

It gets pretty hot when you're east of the Blue Ridge and after a day of touring/studying some of America's most hallowed ground, you definitely want something refreshing towards the evening.

The town features some of the best period dining in all of Pennsylvania at both the Dobbin House Tavern, which features colonial-style items on its menu, and the Farnsworth House Inn, which gives patrons an 1863 dinner experience.

In terms of food, Gettysburg is in perfect position to dish out recipes from the Pennsylvania Dutch in the north as well as some Chesapeake seafood in the South.

As for beer, Troegs Brewing Company is right up the road in Harrisburg/Hershey. Troegs is arguably Pennsylvania's second most popular brewer, as well as my personal favorite, behind Yuengling & Son and will surely have most of the local bars stocked with many of my favorite brews.

Flying Dog Brewery is just to the South, out of Frederick. We also can't forget that just up Route 30 (or the Chambersburg Pike as we history buffs call it) is Hauser Estate Winery which provides the world with the infamous Jack's Hard Cider.

Appalachian Brewing Company has one of it's microbrewery/restaurants just off of Buford Avenue and right next to the house that General Robert E. Lee designated as his headquarters. There's plenty to eat and drink in Gettysburg.

This week might be somewhat abbreviated in terms of posts since I'm embarking on this trip. I will try to have a beer review for tomorrow's post and will try to document as much as possible the food and drink I come across while out east. Make sure you're tuning into my Twitter feed this weekend while I'm there. I'll also try to incorporate some of what I experience into a post or two for next week.
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