March 20, 2012

To Put it Simply, I Hate Malt Beverages

I've officially had enough.
If you follow my Twitter feed at all, you noticed this weekend that I pretty much drank and watched basketball. This was evident by the Untappd check-ins elaborating on the Harpoon Summer Sampler I purchased Friday evening.

As everything slowed down on Sunday evening, I decided to down a Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade that had been sitting around since Christmas. It was after dinner and I wanted something sweet. I hadn't had a can of pop, or soda if you aren't from Pittsburgh, since 2012 began. I figured I was allowed to have one of these.

I hadn't consumed half of the bottle when I realized that I never wanted one of these again. To put it in simple terms, I hate malt beverages. They were fun when you wanted to sneak your drinks at parties in high school and made you feel upper-echelon in college, but I've grown tired of my stomach being upset from all of the sugar. I'm also sick of that sticky and dirty feeling that make it seem like you haven't brushed your teeth in approximately three and a half weeks.

The cranberry lemonade I had wasn't too far from that Raspberry 7Up your grandparents served the kids table on holidays so all of you would feel included while everyone else drank wine.Let's not forget the fact that these beverages are loaded with calories. Sometimes twice the amount of some decent beers.

I prefer the natural sugars in the brewing process, thank you very much.

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