March 23, 2012

Beer Review: Mary's Maple Porter

Serving Type: Draft

ABV: 6.9 percent

Appearance: Mary's Maple Porter is very dark, but some brown hues are noticeable throughout the thick body if you pick up the glass and inspect it closer. It features a billowing, tan head that dissipates at a slightly slow pace.

Smell: This beer lives up to its name when you smell it. Maple syrup draws you in and introduces you to brown sugar and chocolate.

Taste: The roasted malts really come out on the tongue. The maple syrup, brown sugar and chocolate argue for a while inside your mouth on which flavor will be the most prominent.

Overall Rating: 

This was a one-time release by Brooklyn Brewery, but the beer's page on the brewery's website says its availability is Feb. 2011 to April 2011 in the beer's specs section. It's part of its Brewer's Reserve series. Part of the beer's description says it all to describe the experience I had while savoring this.

"Real maple syrup tastes good on pancakes and waffles, but it's awfully good in beer too."

Was looking forward to possibly having an opportunity to try this. Especially after I came across a video about it posted on YouTube by the folks at Brooklyn Brewery. Very glad I had a chance to drink it.

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