January 13, 2012

Beer Review: Shipyard Applehead

Serving Type: Draft

ABV: 4.5 percent

Appearance: Applehead instantly reminded me of apple juice with its golden color. It also kind of appeared as your typical glass of cider. There was plenty of carbonation (a characteristic I've noticed in many ciders) and a slightly bubbly white head with decent retention.

Smell: This beer had a pleasant scent to it. Surprisingly, apple isn't the dominant scent. I got strong hints of wheat and cinnamon. The apple was very secondary. The smell certainly sets this beer apart from ciders that might relate to it.

Taste: I loved the taste of Applehead, but maybe that's because I love drinking hard ciders. There was plenty of apple on the tongue, but the best way to describe this beer with the wheat and the cinnamon is an apple pie. I almost wanted to warm this a tad in the microwave.

Overall Rating:    

I'm sure most of you wouldn't give this four-of-five, but the perfect mix of sweetness and tartness with the apples blew my mind when I drank this. A lot of people aren't big fans of fruit beers. I still am. I'm also currently looking for a six pack of this beer.

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